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Computers are your door to the world. Keep yours guarded.How effective is your security awareness program?

  • Would your employees recognize a security incident?
  • Would they know what to do about it?

Studies have consistently shown that about 80% of security incidents stem from staff behavior. Many of these incidents involve errors and omissions, such as leaving a laptop computer that holds unprotected customer data in a taxi cab.

Effective security and privacy awareness training programs:

  • Focus on behaviors
  • Capture a baseline of staff knowledge, perceptions, and actions
  • Monitor and evaluate changes in specific security behaviors over time
  • Build security reflexes

Awareness Programs Build Security Reflexes

Dragon peers over edge of buildingIn the animal kingdom, awareness — being alert to danger signals and responding quickly — is the difference in survival. Bats and dolphins use sonar to detect and avoid dangers. Cats use whiskers and keen senses of hearing, smell, and night-vision to probe their environments. In the same way, people who have an awareness of danger signals are an organization's most valuable sensory instruments.

  • Recognizing and correctly responding to security events should be a reflex for employees.
  • Awareness programs and activities can build this reflex behavior.

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