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Sale Items

Our current sale items are subject to change at any time, and may be limited in stock. Please contact us with your specific order.

Free Posters For Repeat Customers!

Simply send us a snapshot of our posters being used in your workplace you are eligible for two free posters on your next order. Email your photo to our team and we will send you the directions for how to get your two free posters on your next order.
  • Limit one set of free posters per customer.
  • Minimum order requirement must still be fulfilled.
  • By submitting a photo you are giving Native Intelligence, Inc. permission to use the photo on our website or other materials.

Scratch & Dent Posters If you are looking for an affordable option for buying posters and are not feeling too particular about the design, you may be interested in our Scratch & Dent package.

Each set of 15 posters is $40.
  • Each Scratch & Dent poster set contains 15 posters.
  • Posters may be dinged or slightly damaged, but all are appropriate for display.
  • The standard $10 flat rate shipping charges apply, and packages are shipped USPS Priority.
  • No set of 15 will have a single design repeated more than once.
  • No set will include HIPAA (medical) themed posters unless specifically requested.
  • May include designs that are no longer available in our general store.
  • Sorry, we cannot provide a list of posters that will be included in the set.
To purchase Scratch & Dent poster sets please email the address above with the number of sets you would like to buy.