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Fortune Cookie Messages for Security and Privacy Awareness

  • The courage to report unusual computer activity and suspicious people is within you.
  • Confucius say... Security is everyone's responsibility and "U" are at the center.
  • You will be showered with good luck for protecting personal information.
  • Prepare for disaster. Recover faster.   (Keep a short list of actions to master.)
  • Who really sent that e-mail? Do not open unknown or unexpected e-mails.
You are wise and diligent. You always wear your ID and escort your guests.
  • Verify the identity of those who request information and you will be successful.
  • Be alert for a new opportunity to challenge a stranger in your work area.
  • Security begins with you. Before leaving your seat, log off with CTRL+ALT+DELETE.
  • Share confidential information on a "Need-to-Know" basis. Loose clicks sink ships.
  • Your efforts to protect personally identifying information will be worthwhile.
  • Curiosity can kill a network. Prevent virus infection; don't open suspicious e-mails.
  • You will achieve success by being suspicious of offers that look too good to be true.
  • You are wise and diligent. You always wear your ID and escort your guests.
  • Confucius say... Leave clear desk while away and at the end of each day.
  • Just click NO if a Web site or application offers to remember your password.
  • Passwords, like bubblegum, if left laying around will create a sticky mess!
  • Those who are wise do not discuss sensitive information in public.
  • You will avoid financial disaster if you shred sensitive papers that you no longer need.
  • Good fortune awaits those who wear ID badges above the waist, picture facing out.