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Free security awareness poster for December 2008

Adobe PDF fileUSB Drive Security   
(8.5 x 11 inches)

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HIPAA Awareness Messages

New content HIPAA Slogans, Mottos, Tag Lines, Catch Phrases


Security Awareness Slogans

New content Security Awareness Slogans, Mottos, Tag Lines


Fortune Cookie Messages

New content Security and Privacy Fortune Cookie Messages

Awareness tips if short and sweet will be remembered when found in treats.


Awareness Activities


Work Area Inspection Tools

Generic Security Awareness Memo Pads

Add your own messages.

Examples of security memo pads

Adobe PDF fileDownload a 2-page file for generic "good" and "bad" behavior security memos to reward or remind end users of your organization's specific requirements. These pages are designed to print 4 on a page (4-up).


Caught Coupons

A series of 12 different "caught" coupons - for when you "catch them doing something right."

Uses for Caught Coupons

  • Security staff can use these coupons to reward those who comply with security policies and remind those who don't.
  • Caught coupons can be made available to end users as a device for peer recognition.
  • Some organizations choose to have the presenter sign and date the back of the coupons and use them as part of a rewards/recognition program or contest.
  • Coupons can be left on desks as security staff wander through the work area (e.g., at lunch time or after hours) checking for compliance with security policies.

Coupon of cute fish reads: "Caught challenging an unknown person in your area.  Well done!"

See more "caught" coupons and download files (PDFs) to print your own.


Portable Device Violation Tickets

Adobe PDF fileDownload a file that contains portable device violation tickets for laptop computers and PDAs.

Portable Device Policy Violation Ticket


Security Fun

Security Quotes and Quips

Security Haiku


Security Links

Useful IT Security Sites


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