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HIPAA Slogans, Mottos, Tag lines, Catch Phrases, Maxims...

  • Show you care by keeping protected health information private.
  • Make sure those passing by don't see PHI.
  • Before leaving the scene, clear your desk and your screen.
  • Protecting each person's privacy is a key part of quality care.
  • We verify ... all requests for PHI.
  • You can't unring a bell. Before you give PHI to anyone, make sure that access is allowed.
  • We all value privacy. Report actual or suspected spills of PHI... before they become floods.
  • HIPAA: Heath Information Protected Against Attacks
  • HIPAA: Heath Information Protected Actively Always
  • Privacy Matters. Don't discuss personal healthcare information in public or with those who do not need to know it.
  • Say no to unauthorized requests for PHI.
  • As everyone knows, PHI must not be improperly disclosed.
  • You don't have to be a magician to ensure proper permission. Verify all requests for access to PHI.
  • HIPAA: It's not just a good idea. It's the law.
  • HIPAA: It's not just a law - it's how we show we care.
  • Before sharing PHI, know who, what, and why.
  • Because we care, we're HIPAA aware.
  • Information about your medical care is something we don't share, unless you're aware (and have given written permission).
  • We're not shy about protecting your PHI.
  • To show our respect, we protect personal health information that we collect.
  • HIPAA: We protect what we collect.
  • There is no cure for data that's insecure. Protect each person's healthcare information from unneeded exposure.
  • Protecting PHI is everyone's job; PHI is not everyone's business.

More Slogans

  • Take a peek, trigger an investigation.
    Slogan provided by Linda Bower, Munson HealthCare, Traverse City, Michigan

Slogans That Didn't Pass Our Review

  1. You can't unring a bell tied to the saddle of a horse, already out of the barn, being transported on a ship that has sailed.
  2. If you suspect neglect, you should check and inspect the records we collect and protect. Be direct. We'll earn your respect with this reality check.
  3. It's not rocket science to maintain HIPAA compliance.
  4. There once was a girl named Philippa,
    Whose PHI was protected by HIPAA.
    Her healthcare provider
    Let her be the decider
    Now Philippa's PHI is discussed in a whispa.
  5. Almost a Haiku:
    It's easy as pie
    to deny PHI when
    you can't verify.
    (permission to access the information)
  6. PHI that you see and hear here, stays here (this protects your career).
  7. We don't use unencrypted wi-fi to transmit PHI.
  8. We will not share your PHI with medical identity thieves, no matter how sly.

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