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Charles A. Filius - Professional CartoonistCharles A. Filius was born in a house he helped his father build in a small town 2,800 miles east of Los Angeles.

His career in cartooning began in grade school, which he spent happily filling in all those wasted, empty margins common to all text books and exams of that era.

Chaz takes great pride in his work. He also takes great pride in the fact that he has never been featured on "America's Most Wanted."

Chaz has been able to do whatever we've asked, except strike a match on a bar of soap, and we're proud to keep him busy and off the streets.

Now Available! Chaz's first book.

In Selections from On A Wing And A Prayer, Charles A. Filius, America’s very own Extra-Large-Medium, serves up a collection of humorous and poignant essays documenting his own unique spiritual journey. He has astutely chronicled the day-to-day existence of a medium who refuses to take himself - or just about anyone else - seriously.

"There's one thing I've learned that’s a constant in life - and in death: you must learn to laugh," says Filius. "And nobody knows that better than dead people."

On a Wing and a Prayer

Charles' profound gifts as a medium and humorist have made him a favorite amongst folks from coast-to-coast. His easy-going humor gives much-needed balance to sessions that can often be emotionally draining. His distinctive voice and style are clearly apparent in this touching and laugh-out-loud-funny chronicle of a former non-believer who has stepped into his own as one of the most unique mediums around.

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