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60 Seconds of Security is a self-contained, browser-based Adobe Flash application which requires no outside communication: no phone-homes and no new rules in your corporate firewall.

When you license the 60 Seconds of Security application, you also license a number of content modules appropriate to your organization's needs. 60 Seconds of Security can randomly show one of these modules with each page view or can change the displayed message at regular, specified intervals: each business day, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

For all content interval configuration options other than random selection, the application references an iteration number assigned to each module. This allows you to choose the order in which content is displayed over the course of a license period.

A start date for content display is specified for each 60 Seconds of Security deployment. The interval at which content changes (when not randomly chosen) references this start date. For example, choose Monday, September 1 as a start date along with a weekly interval. The first content module will be shown that day and a new module will then be shown each subsequent Monday.

If not configured to select modules randomly, once all the content modules have been shown, 60 Seconds of Security can be configured to recycle content modules and once again reiterate through the specified module order. For example, if licensed for one year with twenty-six modules that change weekly, 60 Seconds of Security will return to the beginning of the order on the twenty-seventh week after the specified start date. Alternately, once all content has been shown, 60 Seconds of Security can provide a prompt to acquire additional content.


60 Seconds of Security may be configured to provide several different user experiences. For example, once loaded in a Web browser, 60 Seconds of Security may either proceed directly to the content or prompt a user to click to view the content. Similarly, upon completion of the content, the application can either automatically show the content once more or prompt the user to click in order to view the content again.

60 Seconds of Security content varies between static messages and active learning exercises that require minimal user interaction. Interaction most-often allows users to control the pace at which the content is shown. Either way, all the lessons can be viewed quickly: in sixty seconds or less!

60 Seconds of Security content is produced with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The application's native dimensions are 800 x 600 pixels. However, that size can be modified so long as the aspect ratio is maintained. This page features content sized at 640 x 480 pixels.


For an additional fee, 60 Seconds of Security can be customized to complement your organization's visual identity. Available modifications include:

  • a unique message relevant to your organization which may appear after the content modules
  • a unique skin (border) for the application with a design that reflects your Intranet site's design or corporate colors
  • using your organization's logo in place of the 60 Seconds of Security clock logo
  • including a second logo in the lower left corner to further brand your experience
  • including your training slogan in place of "60 Seconds of Security"
  • replacing the image shown to prompt users to click to view content with a custom image

Bottom Line Pricing Summary Chart







Base pricing for 60 Seconds of Security with 52 weekly tips is $3.60 per user per license year with a 100 user minimum.  We offer volume discounts and discounts on multi-year licenses at the time of initial purchase.

We offer volume discounts for organizations with more than 1,000 users. Discounts range from ten percent to fifty percent for organizations with greater than 5,000 users.


Technical Requirements

60 Seconds of Security can be hosted on any modern Web server providing your intranet functionality, including Apache HTTP Server or Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). If not already done, your Web server simply needs to be configured to support files with MIME types of swf and xml.

60 Seconds of Security requires an associated child "resources" folder to be available at the path of the loading page. This resources folder may be placed within the directory of the hosting page or a symbolic link (e.g., alias or shortcut) can point to the folder's location in your server's file system.

The 60 Seconds of Security application can be included in any standard Web page in html format or in dynamic server-side scripting pages that render to html such as php, asp, or jsp.

60 Seconds of Security runs in any modern Web browser (e.g., IE 6.x, Firefox 2.x, Safari 2.x or higher) that supports the Flash player plugin of version 8.0 or higher. Native Intelligence recommends using the most recent version of Flash available and supported by your end user systems. Browsers should also support javascript.

Licensing Limitations

The 60 Seconds of Security application is licensed only for private, closed network or Intranet publication. No element of the 60 Seconds of Security application or related content may be placed on a publicly accessible Internet Web page or network. Doing so violates the license terms of agreement.

60 Seconds of Security uses images that are proprietary to Native Intelligence, Inc. as well as licensed stock photography images. Each license includes a list of copyright attributions by image/module.